NO.4 Art Collection

Born in 2018 - No.4 Après l’Amour quickly became a signature fragrance for all that experienced it. With a molecular formula, this modern interpretation of fragrance quickly beguiled its users with an airy quality that provides a perfect balance of sweet, fresh and spicy notes. 

This molecular foundation provides the perfect launchpad for 3 new artistic fragrances - CANDY | NEON | SPORT - all of which maintain the original No.4 DNA and formula - which guarantees projection, longevity and satisfaction - but each with their own particular twist. The creations of the No.4 Art Collection have a unique style, design and artwork that make them stand out from the rest and carry their own identity, whilst maintaining that undeniable ‘Après l’Amour’ quality. Join us on a journey, through the winding roads of the creative process, into the world of No.4.